How to have a better 2018

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1. Be Positive 

Easier said than done I know but positivity is the key! You get out of life what you put into it and positivity breeds positive vibes in your life.

2. Get organised 

Buy yourself a planner and write done every important date, deadline and birthday that  you need to remember throughout the year. Get on top of your workload because it will make you feel better and get rid of some of the unneeded and unwanted stress. I brought my planner from Poundland and I’ve ready put some of the important dates that I need for the next two months in their.

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3. Have something to look forward too

Plan something for to do with by yourself, friends or a loved one in the year. Let it be a holiday abroad, a weekend away or a festival. Give yourself something to look forward to, it will help you count down the days and struggle through the tough days because you have something wonderful to look forward too.

4. Clear out the toxic 

If it isn’t helping you, stressing you out or making you feel unwanted cut it out of your life. You don’t need to be toxicity in your life because it’s only going to make things more difficult for yourself. Cut the bad people out who don’t deserve you and leave them in 2017.

5. Set yourself some goals 

Make goals and plans for your 2018, these goals donDSC_0469 retouch‘t have to be big just things that you feel will help to enhance your year and maybe even your future self. My biggest goal for this is to start saving more, I haven’t set myself an amount because I hate the pressure but whenever I have leftover money it wouldn’t hurt to put it into my savings account. Small goals seem more achievable than big New Year’s resolutions that nobody ever completes.

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