Farm Girl Cafe




I’ve finally been able to go back to Notting Hill and try out Farm Girl Cafe, I’ve seen so many other people rave about this cafe on both Instagram and youtube. Honestly, this cafe is Instagram heaven and is great to take some amazing photographs. The bonus is that the food is amazing and so healthy, you can’t feel too bad about eating out when going here. There are some amazing vegetarian and vegan options that made me and my friend very happy. I ended up getting avocado toast with a side of smoked salmon with a poached egg while my friend got some berry pancakes.

The price of the lunch was fairly reasonable for both of us it cost about £36 to eat and I ordered more sides with my meal because I’m hella greedy lol. I would recommend going in the week because the place isn’t that big and can get busy quite easily. If you are in the Notting Hill area it’s a great place to stop off to get some breakfast or lunch, while snapping some cool Instagram photos.



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