Morphe Concealer

Everyone knows how much I love Morphe products so I thought I would try something more than an eyeshadow palette. I was looking online and found that Morphe had a range concealers and they were really cheap so I thought I would give them try. I bought two different colours as I couldn’t swatch them in person. Caramel and Frappe seemed the closest to my skin colour, both colours are a little lighter so I cannot use them to cover any dark spots. But they work well as a highlighter concealer.

The packing is pretty simple and sticks to standard Morphe packing. The outer¬†casing of the concealer is plastic which means it won’t break easily when I drop it on my white carpet it shouldn’t break easily. The applicator is great as swipes on the makeup, however, I wished the application wand was a bit longer as it may have made my strokes a bit easier and stopped me smudging the other makeup on my face.

The first thing I noticed about the concealers were that they were thick and heavyweight. A little goes a long way with this concealer and I made the mistake of applying way too the first time I used them. Although they are thick they are easy to blend out and cover a lot of the imperfections. If you have really bad dark circles under your eyes this concealer will cover a lot with out you doing much.

My only issue was picking a colour I wished Morphe had more of a colour selection that would fit those with darker toned skin. Frappe and Caramel were still too light for me but the other colours that were in the selection seemed to be even lighter.

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