Summer spot: Pergola on the roof

My new favourite summer spot is Pergola on the roof, it has the summer vibe, food and alcohol. What more could a girl want? If you want to feel the beach vibe while in the inner city Pergola will give you just that. The theme of the rooftop is Miami beach and it feels just like that. The atmosphere of Pergola is amazing and it really makes you feel like you are on holiday. The only issue that we had was every table is reserved and on the website, it does say that walking in is fine but this doesn’t seem like the case. I would definitely recommend reserving a table even if you are a small party to avoid any disappointment.

There are a couple of different food stalls that you can try out, I feel like the Patty & Bun stall was the best value for money, the burgers were £8 and the chips were £3.50. I ended up getting a taco and some chips and guacamole, and they were so delicious. I recommend getting more than 2 tacos as they don’t fill you up that much. But there is so much choice that you can get a little bit of everything from each stall and be completely full.

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There isn’t much choice of cocktails but the Le Gran Fizz is yummy and you really can’t taste the vodka. Also, if you sign up on their website you can get a free drinks voucher which you can use for a vodka cranberry or a soft drink. I ended up using my free drinks voucher twice and claiming two vodka cranberries. You are better off buying a bottle as it saves you from having to wait at the bar to get served and it will last longer. The prices for the bottles are reasonable and a bottle of rose will set you back at least £23.

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