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If I ever had to pick my favourite beauty products it would have to be the morphe palettes. These palettes offer so many pigmented eyeshadow colours at such a cost-effective price. At the moment I have bought myself two of these palettes but I am so tempted to get my hands on some more, especially the new Jaclyn Hill that is coming out soon. What is amazing about these palettes is the quality and quantity of the eyeshadow for the price. It would be so easy for morphe to create a subpar palette for the price that they sell it at.

Right now my favourite palette is the ‘Fall Into Frost’ 35F palette (see below) which took me forever to get my hands on, as it was ALWAYS out of stock on cult beauty. I finally got my hand on this bad boy before Christmas and it was my go-to palette throughout the festive period. The colours were made for fall/winter with so many choices of glittery red eyeshadow, I couldn’t help but apply it every night I went out in the Christmas period (even Christmas day). There was also a lot of gold and browns in the palette and, I still use of the browns now in the summer period. This palette is great for creating a number of creative makeup looks and suits every skin tone, I highly recommend!

DSC_0060 edit

(£23.50, join the waitlist at

My first ever morphe palette was the 35T, this palette is a mix of browns, purples and golds. With amazing choice of glitter and mattes, this can be great for both an everyday and nightlook. Although pigmented, the glitter eyeshadows aren’t too over the top and can easily be used as part of an everyday makeup routine.With this palette, it is so easy to create an eye look as there are much more options of mattes that look amazing as a crease colour. Again I feel like this palette can be used on every skin colour, which is one of my favourite things about this range of eyeshadows.

DSC_0065 edit (£23.50, join the waitlist at

My only issues with the palette would be that there is a lot of fall out, even when putting the eyeshadow on the brush. I feel like this waste a lot of product which goes around or under my eye and sadly sometimes on my white carpet. I would LOVE if morphe developed small palettes that were tailored to specific makeup looks (i.e smokey eye or metallics), I think this would be great for beginners and people who don’t have a lot of time to think of a makeup look. Morphe if you are listening hit me up!


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