Old Spitalfields Market – The African Market

Spitalfields market has to be one of my favourite places in East London, it is only a short walk away from Liverpool Street station and 5 minutes away from Shoreditch. On Spring Bank Holiday (29th May) the market was dedicated to all things, Africa. There were food stalls selling traditional food from different African countries at a reasonable price. Next to the food stalls was an African dance group running activities for children teaching them some traditional tribal dances. Seeing all these cultures blended together and celebrating another culture is a reason why I truly love London.

DSC_0004 eedit

As well as the amazing food stalls, there were these colourful stalls filled with clothing that was made from African prints. You could find all these beautiful tops, skirts, dresses and even kids clothes for a decent price in wonderful African prints. Most of these people who created these clothing have an online store and sell some of their products on Etsy. I most definitely be buying some of these products online and may be posting a haul at some point in the future.

My favourite items were the African print wrapped bags, they were beautiful and would have you standing out from the crowd. Although pretty they were a little bit pricey, a clutch bag would set you back £35 however the quality of the bag made it feel a bit more justifiable. I wish at the time I stumbled across these bags I had the cash on me however, I asked for her email to get in touch with her about purchasing a bag in the future.

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I loved this London event and I am so happy that I stumbled across it on my quest to get some content for my youtube channel. If you guys know of any events happening in London or anywhere else in the UK that you think I should check out let me know.