How to have a better 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 1. Be Positive  Easier said than done I know but positivity is the key! You get out of life what you put into it and positivity breeds positive vibes in your life. 2. Get organised  Buy yourself a planner and write done every important date, deadline and birthday that  you need to [...]

Flower Power Boots

Although I love summer I'm getting ready for autumn so, when I saw these boots in my local Primark I just couldn't leave them. I admit I've already worn these already and they are amazingly comfortable and flattering with the little bit of heel they have. You can easily get away with wearing them in summer [...]

Morphe Concealer

Everyone knows how much I love Morphe products so I thought I would try something more than an eyeshadow palette. I was looking online and found that Morphe had a range concealers and they were really cheap so I thought I would give them try. I bought two different colours as I couldn't swatch them [...]

Morphe Palettes

If I ever had to pick my favourite beauty products it would have to be the morphe palettes. These palettes offer so many pigmented eyeshadow colours at such a cost-effective price. At the moment I have bought myself two of these palettes but I am so tempted to get my hands on some more, especially the [...]